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Thank you for looking in on Pulpit & Pew Finances!

Independent, fundamental churches tend to grow from a few families to the congregation presently attending. Many such churches may not have developed their church accounting systems and procedures to match this growth. Proper money-handling procedures, payroll records and reporting requirements, compensation packages for Pastor and staff to benefit from tax law, and other reporting needs are all considerations that each church should have addressed. Periodic review of statements and procedures provides assurance to your people that proper care has been taken in these stewardship functions.


Please consider having me come to our church for such a financial review.

See "About us" for contact information. I am currently scheduling meetings for 2022. We can provide references for work we have done over the past few years in several churches. Other information appears below.

We offer one-day seminars to help church families learn some

basic financial concepts, with emphasis on practical and Biblical principles. These are presented in an understandable way. Personal stewardship is important for us to honor our Holy God. Bible study, prayer, witnessing, and handling our temporal matters properly all enter into having a good testimony here and God's "well done" when the race of life has been run.

We schedule meetings with and through fundamental churches on a faith, love offering basis. Our services include teaching through seminars, preaching, church bookkeeping counsel and personal consults, as requested.  

Jesus Christ alone is to be uplifted through this ministry by helping Christians understand that financial responsibility is part of their testimony for Christ.

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