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Pastor - Taxes

Pastor - how is the church supposed to report income to you; and how are you to report your taxes on your return?
Under the current tax code, Pastors have a unique standing, as defined by the Code.  A Pastor is considered to be "dual status"by government tax definitions.      You appear to be an employee of the church to the casual observer;
     Yet you must file your taxes as a "self-employed" individual. 
I suggest a few moments be taken to read this blog for understanding about this matter.

Being a watchful & careful steward

If you are the Pastor or the financial person for your independent Baptist church, I encourage you to learn a little about accounting and financial reports from on-line seminars and/or some community college courses.  As the Biblical steward of the funds given by Christians for the work of Christ in your community and for world missions, you should desire to know basic accounting and tax issues that affect your church.

Another step of stewardship would be a periodic review of your systems and procedures used for the accounting processes of the church.

Something New!

I am in the process of setting up a blog page.  I plan to share comments on current issues, as well as some best procedure memos for financial aspects in the accounting management of a church.  Be back again soon...

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