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Being a watchful & careful steward

If you are the Pastor or the financial person for your independent Baptist church, I encourage you to learn a little about accounting and financial reports from on-line seminars and/or some community college courses.  As the Biblical steward of the funds given by Christians for the work of Christ in your community and for world missions, you should desire to know basic accounting and tax issues that affect your church.

Another step of stewardship would be a periodic review of your systems and procedures used for the accounting processes of the church.  If in the payroll system, there are many things to be aware of also.  These services provided by independent confidential ministries, as well as local accounting firms (although these may cost more money), are needed in this day and time. The service that Pulpit and Pew Finances ministry offers is indeed one such service available to you.  I am a faith consulting missionary advising in both accounting procedures and tax matters, including tax-benefited Pastor compensation packages.  Elsewhere on this website you can see the services provided.  Things I have seen in the five years of ministry compel me to strongly encourage having some outside review done of your records and procedures.  IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ME...BUT PLEASE GET SOMEONE KNOWLEDGEABLE FROM THE OUTSIDE TO COME IN TO PERFORM THESE SERVICES FOR YOU.

Resistance to such counsel may not be a problem - or it may indicate there are real problems in this area.  Obviously, your main ministry is preaching and witnessing so that souls can be saved.  My admonition here is to not let something in money matters eventually hurt or even destroy a ministry.  You are aware this has happened.

I intend to have a blog posting at least once per month to inform and/or update those that have been in touch with me, or those who find this website, about necessary things and current topics, including tax matters, which often change related to the clergy.  Next posting will likely be tax related - and probably about tax issues to be aware of related to the Affordable Care Act.  It is a dynamic time for the IRS related to church tax matters.  Please visit the blog and stay more up to date.

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