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Call for Prudent Consideration

I shared the following with those at a legal conference a year ago...and it still applies.

Five years in this ministry to churches, I now believe that nearly any and every Independent Fundamental Baptist Church, Camp, or Missions Agency should take advantage of such services.  There are other throughout the country that do similar services that I offer; so I am not necessarily soliciting for call to me, although I do not discourage that.  Self-promotion is not the goal in this blog today.

During the five years, I have found several interpretations of tax, reporting, and controls are simply wrong.  The usual response is that the leaders did not know or think they were doing anything wrong or potential hurtful for their ministry.

In some cases, self-derived interpretations have yielded payroll tax issues and liabilities with penalties.

I two cases, large amounts of money have gone missing at the hands of long-trusted treasury people in ministries.  The vast number of financial people are honest, hard-working, and often reluctant volunteers.  Trust destroyed cannot be achieved again.  Procedures for review in place are usually appreciated by the volunteers doing the work...and they appreciate the protection that proper procedures in place gives them.  No one can accuse someone through good procedures that are followed and checked upon from time to time.

System reviews are to show IF there are any weak areas, if needed.  Church leadership should be careful to give their people this protection.  It also is a key element to enhance financial stewardship in your church.  People give to see the work of the Lord go forward...and expect that to happen, and not be lost due to procedural oversight.

The independent reviewer does not need to be me.  But I do encourage Pastors to seriously consider having a review done periodically to protect themselves, their people and the assets of the church.

If I can help you, I do welcome your call or email.

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