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New Year 2015 notes...

As we wrap up those 2014 things, I wish you all a happy and great New Year 2015!

Couple of reminders for those I have worked with over the past five years of this ministry:

If in payroll system, year-end 941 reports are due by the end of January.  And state filings and reconciliation sheets are also due in January.

W-2's and 1099's (as needed) should be prepared and distributed by Jan 31.  Related W-3/W-2 and 1096/1099 filings are due by February 28.

Those in EFTPS (payment system for federal taxes withheld), try to do these payments by the 15th of the following month.  States may be either checks mailed, or electronically paid, depending on your state.

The business mileage reimbursement Federal maximum rate for 2015 is $0.575 per mile.  [If gas prices stay down, I suspect they will amend this.

As health care issues take on more definition, we will share information in future blogs.  Even the tax reporting forms are not fully ready at this moment for 2014 filings.


I have finished five years in this ministry as of Oct 2014...and I continue to work at this for the benefit/help of those who call upon me.  I am making an appeal here that I have not done in the first five years... would/could you consider monthly support of Pulpit & Pew Finances?  This ministry is to help churches have good financial procedures and accounting, and that all necessary outside reporting is done timely and correctly.  This helps provide financial stability for the church so that your Missions efforts can go on around the world.

If your By-laws or Policies permit supporting me as a Financial Missionary, I shall appreciate this support.  Some cannot support any missionaries except church-planters, etc.  But if you can, your help in this area helps with budget stability for this ministry.  Thank you for your consideration.

Please call or email if I can be of assistance to you this year.  And your referral of this ministry to other Pastors in your acquaintance is also greatly appreciated.

So have a Happy New Year 2015!  Keep on keeping on for the Lord in this year as we look for His coming again!

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