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Posting again

With apologies, this is the first blog posting of 2015.

About a month after my last posting of 2014, my wife, Kay, was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer.  The subsequent seven month has involved surgeries, chemo treatments, and currently, radiation treatments.  Some aspects of treatments will continue through Feb of 2016.  Her current reports look very good; and we remain quite hopeful that the early find, the good medical people we were directed to, and the procedures underway are all directed by our loving God in His providence toward her healing and recovery.

We are continuing in the P&PF ministry, but did have to cancel, reschedule or modify some involvement during this period.  The churches involved have been kind and patient, and have been praying for Kay and her recovery.  For those that I still owe reports or schedules to, please know that I am involved in these again with a goal of soon completion for you.

I have done several tax consults and telephone projects, even for new churches. I am able to travel some again, with my daughter handling schedules when I am away from home.

The next post (to follow very shortly) will update on some important health care and tax issues that Pastors and churches need to be addressing.  Some of these involve tax planning items for the Pastors.

If  you wish to contribute to this ministry, please send gifts to the mailing address.  These are appreciated and help permit me to actively research and buy source materials for the purpose of keeping you informed and up to date on important issues.  I appreciate the opportunities that I have had to actively work with you; and I remain at your service by any of the contact methods shown on the website.

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