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Due Dates changed for some forms

Please note some date changes related to annual tax form filings -

Due somewhat to the desire to inhibit tax fraud activities, the Federal W-2's & W-3 filings are due by January 31, 2017,  This is the same day they are to be provided to employees.  [There used to be a month after employees received forms that the filings with the government were due - used to be end of February.]

This is also true for the 2016 IT 3 filings, along with copies of the W-2's for the State of Ohio.  Without research, I am presuming that the date has moved up to Jan 31 for other states as well.

Carefulness is key in the preparation now, since any error can only be fixed by filing corrected forms, rather than fixing before filing originals.  You want to avoid having to file corrected forms as much as possible.

Tax return dues dates have not changed; but for the annual forms mentioned above, please note and act on the change.

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