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Mostly personal note

On a mostly personal note, just updating those who check on my blog about a couple personal items.  My wife, Kay, is finishing up in March the year-long surgery, chemo, radiation and more for cancer.  The latest report from tests is that she seems to be clear of cancer going forward.  We praise the Lord for His directions through this entire time and the working in her physically.

Second note - I had some partial knee replacement surgery in early January, and have completed the allowed therapy to restore range of motion.  We see surgeon on 2/16 for assessment; but it seems to be very good at this time.  We were set aside for a brief time; but now can sit at desk again and back to the current calling from the Lord.  We will be teaching again in the fall.  For now, we are planning again for church visits scheduled, while getting deep into tax season, as well.

If we can be of help to you with a financial review, or speaking, or just a phone or email consult for a question you may have, please make contact.

And again, for those that were a little closer in the loop during the events mentioned above, thank you for your prayers and care expressed toward us.

I believe that financial aspects of a ministry are so very important; and I remain at the ready to help you be in compliance with regulations, careful and protecting of church resources , and handling clergy payroll items in correct and tax-advantaged ways.  We also encourage your active decisions in planning for your future.  We live as though Jesus is coming right now; we plan anyway, not knowing exactly when He will come.  Provision for you and your family in life's later years is too often neglected by our independent, fundamental, Baptist pastors.

We remain available to you in this faith Ministry of Helps.

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